Getting ready for Foundations!

Our first community day is just one week away!

The most important thing that I want to remind you of is that YOU are your student’s teacher.  I am here to model what you will be teaching your children at home. I am also here to encourage and support you and your children.   Here are a couple of suggestions to help you prepare for next week:

  • Read your Foundations Guide.  Whether you’ve read it a previous year or you have never read it before, I encourage you to read pages 13-41 before we start on Monday.
  • Skim/Read through Week 1.  Familiarize yourself with the information we will be going over together on Monday.

I hope you are as excited as I am about starting this year of Foundations together.  My prayer for you as we get ready for this year is from Philippians:


I pray for the families that will be apart of this community.  May they be so full of joy in you, that gentleness spills over to everyone they encounter, as they keep their eyes fixed on your Son’s return!

Help these families, both parents and children, to keep from worrying about anything, but instead to come to you in prayer about everything.  I pray that they will bring their burdens and cares to your feet.  Give them hearts of thankfulness as your Spirit reminds them of all they have to be thankful for – such as your faithfulness, provision, sovereignty, and love.  As they surrender their concerns to you, surround them with your peace, that surpasses our understanding.  Guard their hearts and their minds as they follow after you.


In Him,

Mrs. Nord

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