Getting ready for Week 1

We are just a week away from our first week!   I am really looking forward to getting started with you all.

The best way to prepare is to first remind you that YOU are your student’s teacher.  I am going to model the information and help you learn.  I recommend for you to accomplish the following before class:

  • Read The Expedition in your EEL (Essentials of the English Language).  There is a helpful blog post at that you might want to check out.  Click here to access it.
  • Skim/Read through Week 1.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand it all.  Understanding will come in time!
  • Be prepared.  Make sure to bring your books and resources to community day. Figure out how you will transport all these items now, so you don’t forget anything Monday morning. Click here for the list of what you should bring on Monday.

Looking forward to our Week 1!  I pray that this year, as we journey towards greater knowledge of words, it would lead us to a greater knowledge and love of the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.

In Him,

Mrs. Nord

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