Mrs. Nord’s Class: Week 1 Review

We made it through our first day of our CC Community group!  Here is a review of what we did this morning:

New Grammar


For this week’s history sentence, we used hand motions and different ways of saying the sentence when we drilled it.

Hand motions for the following words:

  • ‘Columbus’ (make a hat on your head)
  • ‘first of four’ (hold one finger and then four fingers)
  • ‘Carribean’ (make swimming motion with hands)
  • ‘three Spanish ships (make a boat with hand and move as though sailing
  • ‘the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria’ (count each ship off on your fingers)


We sang the week one portion of the timeline song, following the cd and using the official hand motions.

If you have a CC Connected subscription, you can access the motions video for the timeline song here.  The timestamp portion for week 1 goes from 0:33 to 1:06.

CC Connected subscribers can also get a pdf of the hand motions under the File Sharing tab.  The title is “CC Timeline Signs and Motions” uploaded by FDModerator1.


After introducing map blobbing and looking at where each location is on the map, we said the states and their capitols using hand motions.

  • Agusta, ME (use hands to move like a gust of wind)
  • Concord, NH (show muscles)
  • Boston, MA (sneeze)
  • Providence, RI (point to God)
  • Hartford, CT (make a heart)


After counting by 1s and 2s normally, we jumped up and down while counting by 1s and then we hopped on one foot while we skip counted by 2s.

English Grammar

We chanted the definition of an Infinitive, using the style found on this video. Week 1’s portion ends at 0:22.

In class, we followed this pattern twice:

  • Chant
  • Chant and clap
  • Chant and march


Our week 1 Latin words were said with the following motions:

  • In In (cup hand and put finger in)
  • Apud with (grab someones hand)
  • Per through (Hand through other hand)
  • Sine without (Empty hand and look sad)


We sang week 1’s Science new grammar to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel.

All around your body

are four types of tissue!

Connective, Ephithelial, Muscle & Nerve

Four types of tissue!


Each week, students will give a 3 minute presentation.  There will be a suggested topic, but parents have the final say about what their student’s presentation topic.  Please have your child practice their presentation throughout the week to help develop skills and confidence.

Week 1 focused on getting to know each student. I asked the students questions about their summer. Our skill for Week 1 is get to know your audience.

For Week 2, here are ideas for the optional topic and skill to highlight:

  • Topic:  Show and Tell about Columbus
    • Tell us a few interesting facts about Columbus that were learned during the week
    • Draw a picture of Columbus or his ships
    • Make one or more of Columbus’ ships with legos or other building toy
  • Skill: Confidence
    • Talk to your student about trusting in and relying on God to boldly share their message.
    • Have your student practice standing still while speaking, showing that they are confident and relaxed.


Today, we learned about the Scientific Method (which we sang to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel from CC Connected user amandanease).

We used the scientific method to study the persistence of vision. Our experiment was #68 from Janice VanCleave’s 201 Awesome, Magical, Bizarre, & Incredible Experiments.

Fine Arts

For Fine Arts, we learned about the 5 shapes that artists use when they draw.  The word OiLS helps us to remember these 5 shapes:

  • O: circles
  • i: dots and lines
  • L: angles
  • S: curved lines

After practicing the shapes, we tried to make a ship using those shapes.

Tips for this week at home:

  • Review the memory work every day! It’s better to spend 15 minutes every day, then to spend 2 hours only one day.
  • If you purchased the audio cd, listen to the memory work while
    • you are driving
    • your kids are eating lunch
    • playing with legos
  • The audio cd has a great song for the history sentence on the Weekly cd.

Many of our children had trouble staying focused the whole morning, so if you have any suggestions of techniques that work really well for your child, please share them! I am open to suggestions to help keep the little ones engaged.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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