Mrs. Pederson’s Class: Week 8


Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Praise Him, all ye creatures here below!

Someone recently reminded me that the best defense to fight discouragement is to praise God.  Praise takes our eyes off ourselves, and the looming problem(s)  we all deal with, and puts our attention back where it should stay… on our wonderful, creative, loving Heavenly Father!  Today, in science, we talked about our senses of taste, smell, and sight, and I came away with a sense of awe; that God so brilliantly designed our tongues, our noses, our eyes, and even our ears  to make just the act of eating food  so enjoyable!  He is so good, and worthy of our praise!

English: Prepositions (continued)-of (make ASL ‘O’ with pointer touching thumb then flip up last 3 fingers to add the ASL ‘F’)

off (lay right hand on left forearm and quickly remove)

on (right hand back on left forearm)

onto (walk hands onto a surface)

out (point thumb over shoulder like an umpire)

Geography: Indus River Valley : We just toured the areas, starting with Great Indian Desert, jumped in to ride our Arabian Sea horses all the way around the point of India to wind up in the Bay of Bengal.  Climbing onto the shore, we dried off and paddled across the Ganges River and then climbed the Himalayas.  Whew!

ScienceMonocot– hold up one finger,  Dicot- hold up 2 fingers!  Con-i-fer-clap hands in rhythm with the word over your head like a tall pine tree! (Oooh!  I love these easier weeks!)

History:  We just sang the song and swayed in tempo with the waltzing 3/4 beat!

I am so looking forward to next week’s Thanksgiving Feast!  How is it possible that a whole year has passed since our first one?  What a great chance to focus on our blessings, and be reminded that everyday should be Thanks-giving Day!

I am thankful for the opportunity to be your child’s tutor!  Have a great week.




hankful to be your child’s tutor!

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