Mrs. Pederson: Week 10

If you aim at nothing, you’ll always hit it!

I think my homeschooling attempts can look like that sometimes. Plodding ahead, just doing the next thing, and wondering why sometimes subjects get rather dull, and learning seems to come to a halt!  Having no clear cut goals, I’m aiming at nothing,  and that, combined with no little carrots dangled in front of my child, is a sure-fire way for my child and me to become discouraged!

I don’t know about you and your family, but I’m starting to feel behind in our study of Latin declensions!  One of our students said she gets a sundae at Culvers when she gets them down pat.  What a great idea!  Simple, fun and a nice little reason to try a little harder!

This week:

Fine Arts: We talked about practicing slowly and maybe even just play a measure 3x in a row before moving on!  Best to not practice mistakes over and over!  Goal: Play Row, Row, Row Your Boat together next week and if we are feeling brave, play as a round?!  (Please bring the copy next week that I sent home today. )

Science:  Another fascinating week of observing God’s incredible creation!  Owl pellets held amazing bits and pieces of their previous lunches and the students who were hesitant at first to touch something so “gross” were soon immersed in wonder. Goal:  See God’s handiwork everywhere you look and give Him the praise He deserves!

Review:  After sitting around over-indulging for the past week (well, speaking for myself,) we had a good time doing some appropriate exercises for this Christmas season: Taffy Pull, Build a Snowman, Candy-canes, and Jack-n-the Box!  I think I’ll set a goal of doing those everyday this month!

So that’s what Logan and I will be chatting about this week.  What are some goals, both long term and short term, upon which we could set our sights?  And what are some little rewards along the way?  Any good ideas?

Have a great week!


I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (KJV Philippians 3:14)


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