Mrs. Pederson’s Class Week 9

Oh my!  We were such a small group today!  We missed our fellow learners, but we carried on, and once again were amazed at how wonderful our God is.

For Science, we looked at the proportions of our galaxy by unrolling a roll of TP  and placing balls of various sizes at specific distances from our sun.  As we counted off the specified squares of TP for each planet, considered the vast distances, and contemplated how small we as humans are, we were reminded once again of the verse in Psalms 8: 3-4 When I consider the Heavens… what is man that Thou art mindful of him?

Hmmm… I just noticed the interogative pronoun “what” is used in that verse which is what we learned today in English!  Ha! There are 2 more!   The way everything ties together in CC always amazes me!

During Fine Arts, we blew bubbles and ate cake.  You may wonder what those activities have to do with tin whistles, and that is a very good question.  Erin manned the bubble blowing station, and talked about breath control when playing the whistle,  while  I divided little round chocolate cakes representing whole notes, into half notes, quarter notes, and finally eighth notes before we devoured them.  Who knew music could be so yummy? We are working on the song “Scarborough Fair”  which is a folk song from the 1300’s.  Instead of getting hung up on the actual written notes we are just playing it together by ear. is a  link for a pretty version of the song.

In 2 weeks each student may have a chance to be a tutor for 4 minutes!  Because there are only 7 areas to cover and we have 8 students I thought a pair of siblings could work together on one of the subjects. Next week, we will just draw for the subjects, and look forward to seeing how everyone chooses to present them!  I really want it to be a fun, low-pressure experience that will give everyone a taste of being a future tutor!

Have a great week!


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