Encouragement for the weary

Erin emailed this to me a few days ago from Read Aloud Revival’s, Sarah Mackenzie. If you find yourself growing weary on the journey, take this in and be encouraged my friend…


I wanted to tell you something today, on the off chance that you needed to hear it.

Sometimes, I feel like quitting.

Quitting homeschool is what I’m talking about, though I also sometimes feel like quitting other important things in my life. Laundry, for example. Or difficult people. Or feeding kids every ding-dong day.

It seems to me that all the most important things in life make us weary from time to time, and right now especially, a lot of us are w-e-a-r-y.

So perhaps we need the reminder: it’s just weariness, after all.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing that a little “peace that surpasses all understanding” can’t remedy.

GK Chesterton said that anything worth doing is worth doing badly, and what he meant was that if something is worth doing in the first place, it’s worth doing even if you currently aren’t doing a great job at it.

Prayer, let’s say. Worth doing, even if you aren’t all that “good” at it, right?

Feeding your kids, even if you aren’t a gourmet chef.

Running the laundry, even if you forget to separate the lights and darks. (Ok, I never do that, actually. 🤷🏼‍♀️)

And, I would argue: homeschooling, even on your worst days.

Because there is no one else on earth— no, not one— who loves your kids more than you do. Who wants to see them succeed more than you. Who is willing to lay down their life for your child…

…like you are doing today, in fact, as you sit down, weary in your bones, and haul out the math book, the read-aloud, the spelling list, the crock pot.

It’s all worth doing, no matter how well or poorly you feel about it.

The secret, of course, is that the odds are extremely good that you are better at homeschooling than you think you are, anyway.

So. I was planning on sending you a whole different note today, but then at the last minute, I decided to tell you this, instead:

Sometimes I feel like quitting. I bet you do too. But what you are doing matters a lot, and it’s worth doing. So don’t quit.

I’m rooting for you.

xoxo, Sarah Mackenzie

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