Welcome to Foundations!

Below you will find helpful links, as well as reminders about what to bring and what is expected of you.  If you click on one of the Tutor’s classes under the Foundations tab on the top toolbar, you will find weekly updates with information about what was done in class and any helpful resources your child’s tutor would like to share with you for that week.


Your tutor is here to support and encourage you and your child, as you go on this journey together.  The tutor’s role is to drill the memory work and to model ways you as the parent teacher can practice the memory work with your children at home. These are only suggestions as you are the primary teacher for your child and know him/her best.

Throughout this stage of development, your child learns best by repetition over a duration of time with emotional intensity. They’re naturally inclined to memorize, recite, mimic, repeat, repeat, repeat… 🙂

Links to more information: