Community News- Map Blobbing

Today, we officially introduced the popcorn jar for map blobbing!

Parents, please make note of how many times your child/ren trace or blob (see blob example below) a map each week to add to the popcorn jar! Starting this week, the tutors will have the popcorn jar during snack time for students to add their kernels for the number of maps they did. When the jar is full, we’ll plan a PoPcOrN pArTy during lunch one week!

Introductory Map Blobbing Ideas:

US Drawing

The above is a great blog post by Solagratiamom that simplifies map blobbing as you introduce it to your child. This takes the intimidation right out of it! If your child isn’t ready to try drawing their own this way, they can trace their laminated map either with a dry-erase marker or by placing tracing paper over the map and following the lines! They can have credit for any way they choose to make a map. 🙂

Here’s another way to draw our US map:


During last year’s cycle, Eli loved to trace his map with his dry erase marker…:) He’s so excited to add a popcorn kernel to the jar!