John 1:1-12 Scripture Memory


Repost with John 1 links….

Hello Friends!

Debby Bergson here. Each week during Opening Assembly, I will have the privilege of leading you in the Scripture memory work for this cycle.  For the first half of the year, we will focus on John 1:1-12 in English.  The first six weeks, we will be learning just the words and the music. During the next six weeks, we will review the words and add in some ASL signs to help us “hide this passage in our hearts”!  Below are the words in all caps that I will be signing:

John 1 :1-12

1 In the BEGINNING was the WORD, and the WORD was WITH GOD, and the WORD
WAS GOD. 2 HE was IN the BEGINNING with GOD. 3 ALL things were MADE through
and the LIFE was the LIGHT of MEN. 5 And the LIGHT SHINES in the DARKNESS,
and the DARKNESS did not COMPREHEND it. 6 There was a (MAN SENT) from God
whose NAME was (J)ohn. 7 This man CAME for a WITNESS, to bear WITNESS of the
LIGHT, that all THROUGH HIM might BELIEVE. 8 He was NOT that LIGHT, but was
SENT to bear WITNESS of that LIGHT. 9 That was the TRUE LIGHT which GIVES
LIGHT to EVERY MAN COMING into the WORLD. 10 He was IN the WORLD and the
WORLD was MADE THROUGH HIM and the WORLD did (not) KNOW HIM. 11 He
CAME to His OWN, and His OWN did NOT RECEIVE Him. 12 But as MANY as
those who BELIEVE in His NAME.

To help you as we go along, here are some links to what we will be learning.  The music for English and Latin can be found here:


Community News: Week 1

First Day of School- US

What a beautiful first day of CC we’ve had! Thank you to everyone for pitching in and helping make our day run so smoothly. 🙂 We missed Hargraves this week, and look forward to them joining us next week.

Website Post Note: Each week, your child/ren’s tutor will post an update about their class time. Though you’ll receive notifications any time a post is made, look for the posts titled by their tutor’s class. For example, Mrs. Aspiras will label her updates “Mrs. Aspiras’ class- Week 1”. We will also label any posts “For Tutors Only” and “Community News” as such. I hope this helps make sense of the email notifications and make it easier to recognize which ones pertain to you and your child/ren.

Here are a few resources I thought you’d find helpful for your week at home…


Here is the link featuring videos of the hand motions as you may have practiced in class today and can continue learning at home:

Also, here is the name of the file listed on CC Connected with descriptions of the hand motions:

CC Timeline Signs and Motions by FDModerator1

John 1 Scripture Memory- Please see the post from last week with the links for the song in English and Latin. We are memorizing verses 1 & 2 this week. Note: This is not mandatory for Memory Master.


Fine Arts- (I wanted to share this message from the CC Foundations team…)

“Do you ever wonder what is the purpose of drawing in Foundations? Well, it’s because we are helping students and families understand that drawing is a right side of the brain activity. All of us for the most part use our left side of our brains for the majority of the day. As I observed a class in my community this week, I noticed that the students had a difficult time transitioning to left/right brain activities. The tutor was giving directions for abstract art and some of the students wanted more exact directions. They seemed a bit frustrated with the directions being too loose. In the end, they produced some pretty good abstract art, but it took a lot of effort to refocus them to explore options. I am learning that introducing more right brain activity is a necessary task. It opens up the doors for fearless exploration when thinking of solutions or ideas.”

There is no set Fine Arts required for you to do at home. However, consider your child’s map tracing/blobbing a form of practicing “OiLS”!

The key to retaining information is repetition, over a duration of time, with emotional intensity (aka “Have fun with it often!”).

Speaking of keeping it fun and for a great read, here is an article written on the CC Webpage by Brandy Ferrell from Half a Hundred Acre Wood Blog:

For Week 2:

Family Presentations- Aspiras family

Supervised Parent Rotation- Hartshorn/Hedlund


Have a great week! I look forward to seeing all of you next week!